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0.2mm-0.60mm fishing line

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Material: 100% kevlar fiber 

Construction: braided line 

Fusion point: 800~900 °F / 427~482 °C

Kevlar doesn't melt like nylon or polyester. It decomposes at high temperature.

The Braided Kevlar Line is made of 100% Dupont Material Kelvar Fiber which is of high strength, high harness, high toughness and high abrasion resistance.

Construction of Braid (Multi-strands interweaving process) makes the string / cord much more durable, and it won't unravel like twisted line.

Tough String! Every Kevlar Fiber is of high tensile strength. It exerts much higher strength in the same diameter.  

Cut-Resistance! It helps avoid snaps which happen a lot in binding and fastening objects with sharp edges. it is also highly resistant to abrasion, to chemicals (especially acids, and alkalis.)


Fishing accessory line, shooting Line

Kite flying: Kite Fixing / Dragging Line for Giant Kites, Show Kites, Kitesurfing

Camping: Tarp ridge lines / tent guy line / bear bagging / Ultralight backpacking

Survival gear, emergency / repair cord, outdoor activities , extreme sports

Climbing / Rigging / Arborist accessories

Plant support, gardening work, decoration hanging, creative projects, etc