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Deep Drop Fishing Light

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 Having a hard time catching fish, especially at night? 


Attract fish, prawns, squids, krill,  and other marine life with the Deep Drop Fishing Light! It is a durable and waterproof LED light that emits a bright light that attracts fishes, and makes them easy to catch! It works even at the murkiest of waters up to 2,100ft deep. Ideal for boats, canoes, canoes, fishing docks, and others.


  •  360° BRIGHTNESS - emits a bright light at a 360° angle to attract various types of marine life.

  • IP68 WATERPROOF - even at 2,100ft deep, you can stay rest assured that water will not damage the light.

  • DURABLE - can withstand high-pressure of deep waters.

  • SAFE - operates at 12V for added safety.


  • Dimensions: 3 inches long and 1.2 inches in diameter
  • Power: 15W
  • Operating voltage: 12V DC
  • Cable Length: 16.4 feet


  • 1 Underwater fishing lights
  • 1 16.4-foot power wire
  • 1 Positive and negative clips
  • 1 English user manual