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Emotioneasy™ BIG Fishing Bait

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The reason why you should use this product

  • Spray fishing bait GOLD has special smell to attract to fish
  • Quickly effect, just spray on roses, soil or leaves to use as fishing bait
  • Effective area: 30sqm, dissolve and exist in water for a long time ,can be used in the middle of the sea with a radius of 30m
  • Entirely natural, safe for human and environment

The number 1 choice of professional anglers

It will increase the feeling of hungry and active fish and can easily come to your fishing lures. 

Methods used:

  • Step 1: Mix Fishing Gold with water and bait.
  • Step 2: Wait 10-15 seconds for the victim to absorb the substance.

Mixed with bait

  • Mix the substance with the existing bait to make a bait according to the mixture. 1 bottle mixed with 10 kg of shellfish or corn.