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Vintage Record Player Car Perfume

$39.99 25% Off

Customize Your Ride 🚘

Want your pride and joy to have that 'new car smell' all year round? FreshSpinner emits fragrance when attached to your A/C Vent, keeping your car smelling fresh all year round!

Boost your car's interior!

Bored of the same old conventional car air freshener? Revamp your car with a FreshSpinner. No batteries are needed, the breeze from your A/C fan powers the fragrance disc.

Quick and Easy installation

Has a universal clip, designed to attach to any car's A/C Vent. The device is extremely easy to set up and is stable when attached to an AC vent.

Long Lasting Freshness!

Our product comes with 3 long lasting fragrance discs! Unlike conventional car air fresheners, our product won't need replacing after 3 days.

3 Replaceable Record Included!